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FIOCCHETTI LABOR Pharmacy Refrigerator (Solid Door) with ECT-F control display panel
- Temp. Range: +2°C to +15°C
- Capacity: 96 -1355 Litre

Labor-100 ECT-F, Code: 700036

Labor-140 ECT-F, Code: 700018

Labor-170 ECT-F, Code: 700019

Labor-200 ECT-F, Code: 700020

Labor-250 ECT-F, Code: 700021

Labor-400 ECT-F, Code: 700022

Labor-500 ECT-F, Code: 700042

Labor-700 ECT-F, Code: 700043

Labor-1500 ECT-F, Code: 700044

- ECT-F display, with Acoustic alarm,High / Low Temp alarm, Open door alarm, Power failure alarm, Clogged condenser alarm, Advance defrost monitoring, Ambient LED Light.
- 220VAC, Made in Italy