FIOCCHETTI Labor 2T Series (ECT-F Touch)

Product Code: 700023
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FIOCCHETTI Labor 2T Series Combined refrigerator and freezer
ECT-F Touch control, Solid Door

- Temp. Range: +2°C to +15°C / -10°C to -24°C
- Capacity: From 280L to 700L

Labor 280-2T, Code: 700023

Labor 400-2T, Code: 700024

Labor 500-2T, Code:700025

Labor 700-2T, Code:700072

- ECT-F Touch TFT display, 7", with Acoustic alarm, Temp recording (10 yrs), Integrated Web Server, ETHERNET, USB, SD & GSM SIM port, Advance defrost, Ambient LED Light, High / Low Temp, Power, Door, Faulty alarm.
- 220VAC, Made in Italy