TUTTNAUER 3850E Automatic 64L

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TUTTNAUER 3850E Sterilizer, Automatic, 34 liter,

- Dimension: W660 x H525 x D695 mm, 70kg

- Rapid cycles optimize the availability of ready-to-use sterile instruments

- Easy-to-use, single touch control system increases productivity

- Enhanced monitoring for consistent documentation of sterilization results

- Long lasting, easy to maintain autoclaves guarantee virtually no downtime

- 4 Pre-set sterilization programs

- Program and customize cycle parameters to suit your needs and maximize flexibility

- High precision control system for accurate sterilization results

- Integrated printer for cycle documentation (optional)

- PC Communication port enables storage of sterilization result

- Interdependent temperature and pressure monitoring

- User friendly intuitive display

- Cycle information recovery in the case of power failure or cycle interruption

- Insufficient water detector with automatic shutoff

- 10.4A, 230VAC