OsteoSys BeeTLe bone mineral densitometer

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Product description

OsteoSys BeeTLe bone mineral densitometer
Measurement Site: Calcaneus (Heel bone)
Output values: t-score, z-score, BQI, SOS, BUA
Scan time: 5 seconds
Monitor: Via mobile app on smartphones / tablet PCs
User Interface: Via proprietary mobile app to be downloaded on smartphones /tablet PCs
NFC/Bluetooth for wireless communication and connection purposes
GPS: Device location tracking function
Audio Guidance: Voice navigation
Coupling method: Gel coupled (no water)
Paediatry: Bone growth estimation
Power input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 249x337x146(mm)
Net Weight: 3.8kg

Set includes : 1 x Bluetooth Thermal Printer, 1 x Daily Test Phantom, 1 x Foot Supporter Set, 1 x Power plug