ECG Accessories (Banana Style)

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EDAN ECG Accessories (Banana Style)


Cable (IEC)

Item 000950 - 4mm, Banana Connector for use of 12 leads



Item 003006 - EDAN Adult Precordial Suction Electrodes (Set with 6pcs)

Item 000949 - EDAN Adult Limb Clamp Electrodes (per set), includes :  2 x Arm, 2 x Foot

Item 000638 - ECG Electrodes Adaptors, Alligator Socket for 4mm ECG cable (10's/set)

Item 002020 - ECG Electrodes Adaptors, Flat Clip for 4mm or 3mm ECG cable (10's/set)

Item 000973 - 3M™ 2330 Red Dot™ Resting ECG Electrode, 2.2 cm x 2.2 cm (100/pkt)