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GRACIE gynecological chair
• Very low access position is also suitable for less mobile patients without the need for additional access steps
• The range of adjustment of examination positions enables the doctor to work both ergonomically and comfortably
• The electrical adjustment of the height, the tilt of the backrest, and the footrests are quick and smooth
• The unique design of the rest area provides an optimal and natural setting for the position of the pelvis during an internal examination without the need to adjust the seat
• The synchronous connection of the rests allows easy horizontal adjustment with just one hand
• Both fixed foot controller and hand controller are available, simple and easy to use
• Made of artificial leather with seamless upholstery for easy cleaning and improves hygiene
• Equipped with telescopic castor intended for moving the chair around the office
• Safety sensor stops the movement of the chair if it is deflected/collides with the video colposcope
• FULL HD resolution integrated colposcope and LCD monitor allows wireless transfer of photos and videos to PC
• Instrument Trolley
• Various accessories and color designs are available