Shor-line Cat Condos 貓籠

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3½' Cat Condo Suite

  • 2 - 30"w x 30"h Condos with stainless steel door and laminate back
  • 2 - Private Litters
  • 2 - Bedrooms
  • Mobile platform


allows the portals to be operated from the outside

  • Push-in and pop-out locking door handle, just like marine cabinetry.
  • Horizontal pass through allows two or more condos to be connected for your clients that may be boarding more than one cat. Acrylic hatch locks securely in the open or closed position.
  • This opening allows vertical travel between condos or can be closed with a removable polyethylene “plug”.
  • Horizontal portals can be opened and closed from the outside without opening cage doors or disturbing occupants.