TUTTNAUER T-Edge 10 全自動高壓蒸氣滅菌爐 (Class B)

貨品號碼: 003000
Avaiability: 有貨
TUTTNAUER T-Edge 10 全自動高壓蒸氣滅菌爐 (Class B)
Designed to meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55 ensuring highest sterilization levels and highest quality constructions to ensure longevity.

• Compact and equipped with high-resolution touchpad and simple-to-user interface

• 32 Minutes wrapped instruments complete cycle, including drying

• Provide a variety of documentation and traceability options and barcodes

• Internal memory for storing up to 1,000 sterilization cycles allowing to transfer data from PC/network by the USB outlet

• Complies with all the strictest international directives and standards, including UL, ETL, CE, ASME

 • Suitable for dental clinics and small medical practices
Chamber Volume 6 Gal / 23 Liters
Overall Dimensions (DxWxH) 21.1" x 18.89” x 19.7”
Chamber Size (Depth x Ø) 18” x 10” diameter
Tray Capacity 5 Trays
Weight  117 Lbs.
Power Supply & Frequency  230V, 50-60Hz