3M™ 2138 Littmann® Classic II 醫用聽診器教學用醫用聽診器,黑及酒紅色管,40吋

貨品號碼: 002837
HKD 2,829.00
Avaiability: 沒有存貨

3MTM 2138 Littmann® Classic II 教學用醫用聽診器

Used as an auscultation educational tool for healthcare professionals.

- Dual headsets for real-time teacher-patient auscultation

- 40-inch tube for easy movement around a patient

- Traditional bell on one side, a diaphragm on the other

- Both headsets are easily adjusted for individual fit and comfort. Angled eartubes align with ear canals. 

Chestpiece Weight(metric): 65g; Diaphragm Diameter(metric): 4.4cm